A Journey Of Transformation

One of the key differentiating factors that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability for abstract thought and the acquisition of a deeper understanding of being itself. According to the biblical text, we are called to becoming new creatures in Christ, to be transformed into a new image. This transforming … Continue reading A Journey Of Transformation

The Serpent Of Radicalism

Once a society begins to devalue empirical data, and yet at the same time seeks to elevate their reprehensible ideologies as the ultimate truth that have no roots in reality; this form of radicalism has risen it’s serpent-like head has went on to poison the fragile minds of the masses. At this moment, both the … Continue reading The Serpent Of Radicalism

The Pursuit Of Peace

Peace is often obtained, not in the pleasant pursuit of agreeableness, but in the active contentions of the individual, whether inside themselves, or out in the existing culture. And this is a physical representation of the mythological hero; be the hero. -Michael Thacker

Dear Mr. Preston Mitchum: Be Precise In Your Speech

Wonderfully expressed, reprehensible words from Preston D. Mitchum: "I won’t empathize with, support, forgive, understand, make amends for, reconcile with Trump supporters. Not a single one," tweeted Preston Mitchum, a liberal community organizer in Washington, D.C. "He was a proud white nationalist who proudly raised up many white supremacists. That’s who supported him. And I … Continue reading Dear Mr. Preston Mitchum: Be Precise In Your Speech

Politics, Religion, And The Dire Need For Christ

The American presidential election is less than two months away with tensions between the radically polarized parties rising to ever greater heights. This election may just be the most profound election in American history with freedom set at the center stage; one party representing a nationalistic approach that centers its underlying philosophy on that of … Continue reading Politics, Religion, And The Dire Need For Christ

The Transformative Power Of Encountering The Unknown

A radically new theory of evolution that has been conjured up over the past decade or so by Lynne Isbell, suggests that snakes were the root component that enabled us to increase our vision and enlarge our brains over the course of the past 100 million years. Snakes were a constant threat to the survival … Continue reading The Transformative Power Of Encountering The Unknown

9/11 Memorial-The Devastation Of Radical Ideas

Let us never forget how susceptible people are to become possessed by radical ideologies that produce mass destruction. We should always remember the devastation left behind, and continue to analyze our ideas as well as others that seek to pervade our minds. If the evidence contradicts your belief system, then do not attempt to construe … Continue reading 9/11 Memorial-The Devastation Of Radical Ideas