Examining The Garden of Eden

On the first episode of The Truth Cast Show, Christian philosopher Michael Thacker examines the evidence for the narrative of the Garden of Eden, and that of the first two conscious human beings, Adam and Eve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwNacARm6XQ

The Historical Evidence For The Garden Of Eden And The Fall Of Man

The common belief among both mainstream Christian theologians and pastors is that the universe was created in six literal days, and that the Garden of Eden was located in the Persian Gulf sometime around 4,000 BC. And yet, what evidence is there to support this idea? Evidence thus far accumulated through the various scientific practices … Continue reading The Historical Evidence For The Garden Of Eden And The Fall Of Man

Ascending Through Stressors

Stressors in life are often times beacons of information that speak volumes, containing within them the ancient wisdoms that are both enlightening and transformative. Do not allow stressors to nullify your mode of being in the world, but rather utilize them to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. -Michael Thacker

The Pursuit Of Peace

Peace is often obtained, not in the pleasant pursuit of agreeableness, but in the active contentions of the individual, whether inside themselves, or out in the existing culture. And this is a physical representation of the mythological hero; be the hero. -Michael Thacker