The Serpent Of Radicalism

Once a society begins to devalue empirical data, and yet at the same time seeks to elevate their reprehensible ideologies as the ultimate truth that have no roots in reality; this form of radicalism has risen it’s serpent-like head has went on to poison the fragile minds of the masses. At this moment, both the … Continue reading The Serpent Of Radicalism

Veering From Ideological Possession

Several times throughout scripture we are called to be watchful, to be sober and vigilant because the devil roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Apart from the spiritual nature of the context in which these words ring true, this can also be interpreted in a more natural form in which … Continue reading Veering From Ideological Possession

The Necessity For Christian Men To Stand Courageously Against Tyranny

ATTENTION CHRISTIAN MEN: We are not call to be passive, but rather we are called to be courageous. We are not called to succumb to the demands of secular culture, but rather we are called to be stand against it. We are not called to love whatever the Christian church deems as good, but rather … Continue reading The Necessity For Christian Men To Stand Courageously Against Tyranny

The Glorification Of Emotional Expression

Our culture today glorifies the amplification of emotional expression while disregarding the necessity and validity of empirical evidence. The emphasis on emotional expression and the constant need to acquire validation, entertainment and stimulation is the very essence and nature of immaturity. This scenario was accurately predicted approximately 2,000 years ago by Paul in his second … Continue reading The Glorification Of Emotional Expression