Ascending Through Stressors

Stressors in life are often times beacons of information that speak volumes, containing within them the ancient wisdoms that are both enlightening and transformative. Do not allow stressors to nullify your mode of being in the world, but rather utilize them to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. -Michael Thacker

The Dual Nature Of Love

In on modern society that seeks glorifies the term love, and yet comprehends little to nothing of its true nature, with its glorification and misconception has come with it only deception and confusion, not only throughout secular culture, but within much of the church as well. What is love? Definitions abound throughout society with variations … Continue reading The Dual Nature Of Love

The Near End Times: From The White House To The Globe

After much research, critical thought, and prayer, I believe what we are currently witnessing throughout both our nation and world is setting the stage for an internal civil war, along with a world war led by both China and Iran. Currently, Trump is denying concession while instigating mass protests that are steadily transforming into violence … Continue reading The Near End Times: From The White House To The Globe

What Was The Star Of Bethlehem?

A common question and often times debated topic for most Christians and non-Christians alike during the holidays is, "What was the Christmas star that the wise men or "Magi" saw?" Much speculation has been centered around this mysterious object with theories being promoted via documentaries and books with explanations ranging from the conjunction of planets … Continue reading What Was The Star Of Bethlehem?

The Pursuit Of Peace

Peace is often obtained, not in the pleasant pursuit of agreeableness, but in the active contentions of the individual, whether inside themselves, or out in the existing culture. And this is a physical representation of the mythological hero; be the hero. -Michael Thacker

Dear Mr. Preston Mitchum: Be Precise In Your Speech

Wonderfully expressed, reprehensible words from Preston D. Mitchum: "I won’t empathize with, support, forgive, understand, make amends for, reconcile with Trump supporters. Not a single one," tweeted Preston Mitchum, a liberal community organizer in Washington, D.C. "He was a proud white nationalist who proudly raised up many white supremacists. That’s who supported him. And I … Continue reading Dear Mr. Preston Mitchum: Be Precise In Your Speech